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Our Purpose is to give YOU what you need to get out there and have fun under the sun - to make active clothes for active people that can take the heat.

As we earned our chops in the printing and manufacturing business, we realized most performance clothing couldn't even withstand the heat and rigors of high quality printing processes -

so how was it going to make it through everything you and the outdoors can throw at it? So that became our calling - a mission to build a better shirt.

It's Your Adventure

Seize the Ray

High quality, high-performance sun protective clothes designed to make you feel comfortable and ready for … whatever you do wherever you go.

Take us along

Your new go-to shirt

Permanent UV Sun Protection. Durability.  Versatility.  Ultra-soft, lightweight, up for anything.

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Field Tested

5 Stars

Thousands of 5-Star reviews for our shirts on channels such as Amazon.

Vapor supplies shirts and fabric to dozens of top performance apparel brands and companies.


Made in the Americas

Quality, sustainability, workers’ safety, and fair wages matter to us, and we’re always seeking ways to do produce more efficiently and mindfully to lessen our environmental impact and nurture the people and communities that support us. That’s why the majority of our apparel is manufactured in Colombia. Our vibrant, South American neighbors are Latin America’s No. 1 in sustainable development and ethics practices, generating most of their electricity from non-fossil fuel sources, principally hydro- and geothermal electricity.


We also operate from two facilities in South Carolina: our 26,000 square-foot headquarters outside Charleston is home to our corporate offices, production, warehouse, and client showroom – and our 30,000-square-foot manufacturing facility in Union County is home to our custom cut-and-sew services