Our Guide to Fall Beer Festivals, Breweries and Tastings

by Allison Oliverius on Sep 06, 2023

Glass of Seize the Ray Beer on a bar

For some, when September hits, it’s all about pumpkin spice. For us, it’s beer. Our September here in Charleston is jam-packed full of fall beer festivals (where we’ll have pop-up shops) and new beer releases at local breweries (including our fall beer). But no matter where you live, there will no doubt be incredible new fall beers on tap, so we've also included some tasting notes below for fun. Cheers to fall!

Our Guide to Fall Beer Festivals, Breweries and Tastings 

Let's kick things off with the top fall beer festivals in our area. Just don't forget that the sun can still be brutal this time of year, so grab your Vapor Apparel Sun Protection Shirts before you head out, or stock up at our Pop-Up Shops at the events listed below.

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Top 3 Fall Beer Festivals

Charleston Beer Fest 

Sept. 9, 2023, at the Riverfront Park in North Charleston 

The Charleston Beer Fest at Riverfront Park

The annual beer festival is back, celebrating great beer and community while benefiting Palmetto Community Care's HIV/AIDS support work. Charleston's largest beer fest at Riverfront Park in North Charleston offers craft beer from over 60 breweries, live music, games, food, and vendors, and more.  

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Blōktoberfest + Seize the Ray Beer Release Party 

Sept. 14, 2023 (5:30-9 p.m.) and Sept. 16, 2023 (12 p.m. - 10 p.m.) at Two Blokes Brewing 

Seize the Ray Vienna Lager at Two Blokes Brewing

A lot is happening at this year’s Blōktoberfest Party. A lot. Two Blokes is launching two new beers: an Oktoberfest Marzen Beer and Vapor Apparel’s Seize the Ray Vienna Lager! Grab a 32-ounce commemorative stein and try these and other German-style beers. For sustenance, sample sausages, pretzels, cabbage rolls, and more from Krystyna’s Polish Food Truck. There will be a Polka Band (can’t wait) and music by the Taproom Troubadours. Plus, what’s an Oktoberfest without a beer stein holding contest or a pretzel eating contest?  

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Hop Forward Best of SC Craft Beer Festival  

Sept. 30, 2023 (2-5 p.m.) in the Vista in Columbia, SC 

Person holding a glass of beer

This event by the S.C. Brewers Guild is a celebration of the diverse beers being created across the Palmetto State. More than 60 breweries will be on hand at the Junction 800 event space in Columbia’s historic Vista. If you’re looking for the chance to taste your way across South Carolina, this is the event. In addition to S.C. craft breweries, food trucks, music, and vendors will be at the festival.  

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Incredible Craft Breweries

Guy Drinking Beer wearing Vapor Apparel

When the Oktoberfest season is over, fall serves up incredible weather for hanging outside at your local breweries. Grab a few friends and head out to a few of our local favorite breweries. 

Two Blokes Brewing, Mount Pleasant, SC (Check out our Seize the Ray Vienna Lager on tap!)

The Garden by Charles Towne Fermentory, Charleston, SC

Freehouse Brewery, Charleston, SC

Coast Brewing, North Charleston, SC

And when you travel, be sure to stop by the local establishments. Here are a few of our recent favorites. Be sure to let us know where your favorite breweries are. We'd love to check them out!

Brewing Tree Beer Company, Afton, VA

Hazy Mountain Vineyards & Brewery, Afton, VA 

Sip Your Way through Autumn: A Guide to Savory Beer Tasting  

Tray of Beer Samples

Maybe you’re a beer enthusiast yearning to elevate your appreciation for brews, especially during the cozy fall season. Or maybe you're simply intrigued by the world of craft beers and eager to embark on an adventure filled with rich, seasonal flavors.  

Either way, with all these incredible festivals and new beer releases (like ours!), we thought it would be fun to walk you through a beer tasting. 

So, get ready to savor the magic of autumn, one sip at a time! Beer tasting is a captivating blend of sensory exploration and a dash of science, and it's an enjoyable journey open to all. In this blog, we'll walk you through the steps to conduct a beer tasting like a seasoned pro. 

Step 1: Harvest Your Brews 

Your journey into beer tasting begins with selecting the perfect lineup of beers for fall. Consider a theme for your tasting, whether it's local seasonal brews, a specific style like pumpkin ales or robust stouts, or beers from a region celebrated for its autumn flavors. Ensure your selections are chilled to the ideal temperature, typically between 45°F and 55°F (7°C to 13°C) for most fall styles. 

Step 2: Set the Autumnal Scene 

To enhance the tasting experience, create an ambiance that embodies the spirit of fall. Find a cozy, well-lit space with minimal distractions. Opt for glassware specifically designed for beer tasting, such as tulip-shaped glasses or classic pint glasses, to fully embrace the aromas and flavors of your chosen brews. 

Step 3: Observe the Fall Brew 

Now, it's time to immerse yourself in the art of tasting. Begin by pouring a modest sample of beer into your glass. Hold it up to the light and take in its appearance. Note the color, clarity, and any effervescence. These visual cues can provide clues about the beer's ingredients and style, making your tasting experience all the more enriching. 

Step 4: Inhale the Fall Aromas 

Give your beer a gentle swirl in the glass to release its enticing aromas. Bring the glass to your nose and take a deep, satisfying breath. What scents waft towards you? Fall beer aromas span from malty and sweet to hoppy and spiced. Try to pinpoint the diverse fragrances and envision how they might influence the beer's taste. 

Step 5: Sip into Autumn's Bounty 

Now comes the moment you've been eagerly anticipating – take a small, anticipatory sip of the beer. Allow it to grace your palate, and pay attention to the initial flavors, the body of the beer, and the finish. Is it laden with malty warmth, hoppy brightness, hints of autumn spices, or perhaps a harmonious blend of these elements? Delight in the complexity and equilibrium of the flavors. 

Step 6: The Texture Test 

As you continue sipping, contemplate the beer's mouthfeel. Does it offer a light and crisp experience, or is it velvety and indulgent? The texture of the beer can significantly influence your overall enjoyment. 

Step 7: Savor the Fall Finish 

The finish, that lingering taste and sensations after you've swallowed, holds the key to a beer's lasting impression. Is it dry, pleasantly bitter, or sweetly satisfying? A well-crafted fall beer often leaves you with a memorable finish that lingers like a fond autumn memory. 

Step 8: Compare and Contrast the Flavors of Fall 

If you're exploring a variety of fall brews, take time to compare and contrast them. How do they differ in terms of flavor, aroma, and mouthfeel? This enlightening experience will deepen your appreciation for the nuanced tapestry of autumn's offerings. 

Step 9: Document Your Journey 

Keep a tasting journal to record your impressions and discoveries. This invaluable tool will help you remember your favorite fall brews and reveal patterns in your seasonal beer preferences over time. 

Step 10: Share and Discuss the Harvest 

Lastly, share your thoughts with fellow tasters, whether they're seasoned beer aficionados or newcomers. Engaging in lively discussions about the beers you've sampled can lead to fresh insights and recommendations for future fall-themed tastings. 

Beer tasting during the fall season is a sensory adventure that can be savored by everyone, from novices to seasoned connoisseurs. By following these steps and honing your palate through practice, you'll develop a deeper appreciation for the diverse world of craft beer. So, gather your autumnal brews, invite friends, and embark on a flavorful journey into the enchanting world of fall beer tasting! Cheers to a season filled with delicious discoveries! 🍻🍂 

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