Vapor Apparel Producing Eco-Friendly Shirts for College Bowl Bound Teams

by Allison Oliverius on Sep 02, 2022

College Football Bowl Season Shirt by Vapor Elemental Wear

Partnership between Vapor Apparel and Bowl Season provides Eco-Friendly Apparel for Bowl Eligible Teams and their Student-Athletes

We couldn't be more excited to announce a three-year partnership with Bowl Season to provide sustainable Bowl Bound shirts for each bowl-eligible team this college football season. (And the crowd goes wild!) 

"Bowl Season is a special time of year for College Football. We are excited to not only be a part of it, but also provide premium sustainable apparel to each school that qualifies for a Bowl game," said Jackson Burnett, Vapor Apparel President.

We're the official College Football Bowl Bound / Bowl Season apparel sponsor, so that means: 

1. We're sending every college football team that becomes bowl eligible a huge box full of custom-designed shirts that say BOWL BOUND front and center with their team logo and colors.

We're so pumped that for the rest of the football season (and beyond), Bowl-Bound athletes will be showing off their Bowl Bound-ness in a shirt that features a graphic design we collaborated on with Bowl Season that we're hand-printing on our Eco Sol sun protection shirts that are made with recycled fiber. 

2. Don't worry, sports fans, we have something for you, too. We've also designed Bowl Bound Fan Gear that will be sold right here on our website starting when teams get their 6th win in October!


So, when your favorite team becomes bowl eligible, you and your whole crew can rep it, too. Our gear is perfect for the three seasons of football season: blazing summer, perfect fall, and freezing winter. You'll love our cooling sun protection gear for sunny days, and cozy layers you can build on through the season. 
The Vapor Apparel Bowl Bound opens each October - so follow us on Instagram for updates. Don't forget to check out our College Football Tailgating Tips on our blog.

Vapor Elemental Wear, Bowl Season, and REPREVE logosSustainable for the Win

This three-year partnership between Vapor Apparel and Bowl Season will focus on official Bowl Bound / Bowl Season apparel and environmental / sustainability initiatives. The overall effort will include the formation of a sustainability working group consisting of partnerships with individual bowl games. Another primary component around the partnership includes a focus to be smarter in producing apparel using less natural resources around Bowl Season's "Bowl Bound" T-shirt campaign for teams that become bowl eligible.

"We are very excited to partner with Vapor Apparel and REPREVE in an effort to be leaders in sustainability and influence others to focus on ways to be more conscious of the world's environment," said Nick Carparelli, Executive Director of Bowl Season. "The introduction of our Bowl Bound T-shirt program was a big hit among the teams last season and we want to focus on smart ways to produce the apparel using less natural resources. We all want to help contribute to maintaining an ecological balance. It all adds up."

As an official apparel sponsor for Bowl Season, Vapor Apparel is an important component to the sustainability effort. Bowl-eligible teams receive "Bowl Bound" technical shirts that we construct out of 100% post-consumer plastics - like water bottles. Our Eco Sol shirts are super soft and comfortable and are perfect for any activity under the sun.

"We are thrilled to partner with Bowl Season and believe the new Bowl Bound T-shirt program clearly demonstrates Bowl Season's commitment to sustainability," said Bev Sylvester, Vice President of Marketing and Communications at REPREVE. "We look forward to sharing our ideas and best practices with the sustainability working group as we work together to make bowl games and fan events more sustainable.

"Bowl Season is a special time of year for College Football. We are excited to not only be a part of it, but also provide premium sustainable gear to each school that qualifies for a Bowl game."— Jackson Burnett, Vapor Apparel President.

As part of the partnership, Vapor will serve as a resource on sustainability initiatives to the bowl game membership at future Bowl Season Annual Meetings, as well as on game day for select bowl games.

Bowl Season Recycled Fiber Shirt by Vapor Elemental Wear

About Bowl Season

Bowl Season is one of the greatest and longest running traditions in American sports, taking place in late December and running into early January, and has been college football's post-season for over 100 years. It promotes the grand tradition of the bowl system and its endearing value to student-athletes, highlighting the broader university and college communities, including spirit squads, marching bands, athletic staff and fans. Bowl Season spotlights the distinctiveness of each of the bowl games along with their histories and traditions and their proud communities - embracing and honoring the bowl experience for present and future generations.

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