6 Best Ski Resorts for Families

by 20North Marketing on Nov 23, 2021


If you’re looking to create lifelong memories this winter, you’ll want to do more than snap a bad family photo in front of a random pine tree. Get out into the great white wonderland with a family ski adventure. 

Family ski adventures rock. Not only do you get bragging rights for tacking your first double black diamond run, but you’ll have tons of stories to tell—like the time you saw the yard sales down the mountain (not kidding!).

Don’t forget the apres-ski cocktails and hot tub, an absolute must after schlepping the little ones’ gear all day. 

Now that you know why you need to go on a family ski adventure, you need to know where to stay. We’ve got you covered with a list of six hip-as-all-get-out resorts. To be included on our list, the resort had to:

  • Have a hyper-focus on kids’ events and family activities
  • Have the best opportunities to unwind after all that gear-schlepping  
  • Be places we’ve either visited ourselves or would visit in a heartbeat 

1. Stowe Mountain Resort in Vermont

snowboarder-in-fleece-gaiterEvery vacation in a postcard? That’s what heading to Stowe Mountain Resort in Vermont is like. Think pristine snow. Mountain sunsets. Air so fresh you can taste it. And a year-round childcare option (We knew we’d get you with the childcare).

This is a place to kick back, relax and pray you get snowed-in all winter so you don’t have to leave.

Fast and Fun Highlights:

  • Vertical drop of 2,360 feet
  • Area known as “Vermont in its purest form”
  • Vibe: Soothing, nature-focused  

For the record, the vertical drop at Stowe in Vermont is the fifth largest in New England and the fourth largest in Vermont. Also for the record, don’t forget your sun gaiter and UPF 50 long-sleeve shirt.  

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2. Keystone Resort in Colorado


Keystone Resort in Colorado not only has the longest day of skiing in the state, but you also get the opportunity to pack in even more skiing once the sun goes down. That’s right. Night skiing! 

While all the resorts on our list are packed with family-friendly activities, Keystone has an extra perk. Kids under 12 ski for free. With three mountains and five skiing bowls for all levels, you and the kiddos are set. 

Fast and Fun Highlights:

  • Vertical drop of 3,128 feet
  • Kids ski free; night skiing (tie)
  • Vibe: Fun, fun, fun! 

With night skiing, you may not need your sun protection neck gaiter, sun protection leggings and hooded sun shirt for their UV protection. But they’ll still work as base layers.

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3. Steamboat Ski Resort in Colorado


At Steamboat Ski Resort in Colorado, you’ll not only be zooming down the mountain—you’ll be zooming up it. This resort loves its toys, which is why it boasts six high-speed quad chairs and even a high-speed six-pack lift. 

Even more toys to perk up the overall ski experience are in the works, with Steamboat investing $135 million for enhancements on and around its mountain. You’ll also adore the wild Western vibe. 

Fast and Fun Highlights:

  • Vertical drop of 3,668 feet
  • High-speed ski lifts 
  • Vibe: High-tech Wild West 

Pack your favorite performance T-shirts and UV gaiter for added protection on those high-speed lifts.  

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4. Park City Mountain Resort in Utah


The snow, the snow, the snow! Check out the slate of reviews for Park City Mountain Resort in Utah, and one of the most prominent things mentioned about this place is its powdery, oh-so-ski-able snow. No wonder one of its go-to sayings is: “The past, the present, and the powder of Park City, Utah.” 

You and the kids will also dig the history of the place. It was a former mining town, and it’s full of historic buildings and more than 1,200 miles of tunnels winding through the mountains. 

Fast and Fun Highlights:

  • Vertical drop of 3,226 feet
  • Largest ski and snowboard resort in the U.S.  
  • Vibe: Historically rugged 

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5. Northstar California Resort in Lake Tahoe


Lake Tahoe. The name alone can induce envy from all your pals. And just wait until you tell them about the ski resort you’re staying at. Northstar California Resort in Lake Tahoe offers creature comforts that go above and beyond—like updated rooms with full kitchens, fireplaces and washer/dryers. 

When you do leave your room to explore the great outdoors, you’ll love the lush evergreens, kids’ camp and ice skating options. 

Fast and Fun Highlights:

  • Vertical drop of 2,280 feet
  • Washing machines in upgraded rooms (We know that matters with kids!)  
  • Vibe: Relaxed California comfort 

Since you may get an in-room washer, you can pack light. Bring along a long-sleeve performance shirt or two and a small selection of kids' sun protection shirts

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6. Whiteface Mountain Resort in New York


Whiteface Mountain Resort in New York has so much going on and going for it, it’s tough to know where to begin. Perhaps we’ll start by saying the mountain is the fifth-highest in the state. Or that it’s located in the beloved Adirondack Mountains. 

Or maybe you’d like to know the mountain is only 13 miles from Lake Placid, the well-known Winter Olympics venue that has drawn millions of athletes, spectators and snow-loving folks looking for fun. If this area is good enough for the Winter Olympics, you can only imagine the glee you’ll have making it your personal winter playground. 

Fast and Fun Highlights:

  • Vertical drop of 3,430 feet
  • Did we mention the Winter Olympics thing? 
  • Vibe: Your personal winter playground  

Your favorite lightweight UV hoodie is a must for this vacation, as are your sun protection fishing shirts that double as sun protection ski and snowboarding shirts. 

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Now you’ve got the lowdown on six sensational ski resorts, all that’s left to do is book your room and start packing. Don’t forget your kids’, men’s and women's sun protection shirts. When the whole family is protected, the whole family can have the best fun.